5 Sites that Sell Netflix Gift Cards Online

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Netflix is the most popular and well-known online streaming service on the web. Not only does the service seem perfect for an after work pleasure but it also can make a perfect gift as well. Netflix gift cards would be a great present to give to a loved one or colleague but they are hard to come by, especially online. If you’ve thought about buying a gift subscription from Netflix, you’ve probably asked yourself “Where can I buy a Netflix gift card?”. Many people have been asking the very same question hoping to find an easy solution.

Not so long ago, anyone could of bought a physical or digital gift card straight from the Netflix website. However, in the past year or so the company has stopped selling their subscription vouchers online. Instead, they made the gift cards widely available in retail stores across America, Canada and the UK. The expansion of the gift subscription in retail stores made them much more accessible to the average shopper. If you’re looking to find which store sells Netflix gift cards then this website can help you find an establishment near you.

Regardless if they are available in your local store they are hard to purchase online. I have looked around the web and found a few places where you can buy a digital code or physical Netflix card online. These sites will either deliver the card directly to your address or you can get a digital code which you can redeem at your leisure. The benefit of getting a digital code is that you can start watching a vast collection of TV shows and movies right away. Another benefit is that you don’t need a credit card to redeem your card.

I’ve listed 5 online sites you can buy the gift subscription from below. Most of these sites will send you the card directly to your mailing address and will most likely come with free shipping.

5 Sites you can buy Netflix gift cards Online

Best Buy

Best buy isn’t the first online retailer that comes to mind when you think of gift cards but they are the official re-seller for Netflix. There is only a $30 and $60 gift cards available. When you make the purchase you will receive a physical gift card in the mail. Shipping is free and there are no hidden fees for activation. You can also send the card directly to someone and make it as “gift”. This will keep any financial information (the price) away from the person receiving the present.


The massive online store is yet another site you can buy the Netflix gift subscription. Here you will have a wide range of options. On eBay, you will find a vast amount of sellers that have listed Netflix Gift cards at various price points. Usually, the gift cards are listed at a lower rate. Depending on the seller you will have the option to either have it shipped or have redeemable code sent to your inbox.


The question that is commonly asked is “Does Target sell/carry/have Netflix Gift cards?”. The answer is Yes. Many of you have probably seen a row of gift subscriptions available to purchase at the checkout line at Target. But those gift cards are also available to purchase online as well. Target is one of the few online retailers that sell Netflix subscription cards via online. The shipping method is similar to Best Buy and is also free. However, you might want to keep a close eye on the product page because they sell out very quickly.


You would think that this would be the number 1 site to buy a Netflix gift subscription code/card but think again. For some odd reason CardHub doesn’t always have the card in stock. There have been a few sightings here and there however in most cases you will have to be extremely lucky to see the gift card available to buy on this site.

Loophole Method

This a method that can track down a retailer that will have an online shop which sells a Netflix Gift card. As mentioned before, Netflix has created a site that will help you find a retailer near you that sells the gift cards. You can use this site to find a store that not only sells in their store but also online. First you will have to figure out if they have an online store. Then do a quick search for the gift card. This would be a very tedious task but if worst comes to worst this would be your last option.

Do you know any other sites that sell Netflix gift cards online? If so, please comment below and let others know as well.

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