5 Free Web Services for Students (Back to School)

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So its September again and that means its back to school season. Most college students probably have over priced text books, notepads and a laptop in their backpack but they are missing a few essential things for the new school year. I’ve listed 5 web services that I believe all college students should have to make their hectic work load easier to complete. With the stress of a new semester, new professors and new courses most students will have enough on their plate. It would be best to lighten the load of assignments, homework and exams by using these essential web services. I’ve wrote down how each service can assist the average college student this fall.


EvernoteIf you want to write down notes in class, Evernote will be your best friend. Evernote is not a one-trick-pony but as a few tricks up its sleeve. You can capture all your experiences and access them from anywhere at anytime. Write down notes, store documents, record audio (lectures), capture photos (diagrams on the chalk board/whiteboard) or anything you would like to keep and remember. Everything that is saved is automatically stored and synchronized throughout all devices through their app. With Evernote you will be much more organized.


Any.Do To-Do List

Any.doWriting down a to-do list is something most college students would come across on a weekly basis. Whether they are buying groceries, shopping for school supplies or making a task list for school it usually done on a simple notepad. But putting pen on paper is not as convenient as it once was. Everything can be done on smartphones and making a to-do list is one of them. Any.do allows you create lists, mark them has completed, set alarms for specific tasks and even highlight important ones. Evernote has the same features but its not as user-friendly as Any.do is. With Any.do you can simply create a list on your smartphone via their app or make it on your Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. And yes, the app is free.

Google Docs

Google DocsWorking with Microsoft Office is so 2000. Get up to date with Google Docs and start creating documents,excel files, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings on the web for free. Anything you store or create is automatically backed up which can easily be accessed anywhere at anytime through multiple compatible devices (smartphones, tablets, computers). With Google Docs you can create, share and collaborate on documents online. So if your working on a project or assignment with other classmates Google Docs is your best tool to collaborate together. You can edit, leave notes, and share the document with others. You can see what others are typing in real-time without refreshing the page which reduces confusion.

I would say this is best free web service online for students of all ages.


DropboxMost students like to document their school life through pictures but smartphones can easily run out of storage pretty quickly. There are tons of services out their that back up all your photos in the cloud so you can access them whenever you want. However most of these services are not free and cost a monthly subscription fee. Even if those cloud-based storage services offer free version of their services the users will have limited features and space. With Dropbox you can have your photos automatically synced up to the cloud. You can create albums and share photos with ease either online or on the Dropbox app. With the free account users will have 5 GB of space but there are 8 free ways to get extra space on Dropbox.


HuluThe stress of college can be burden on your body and mind. Relaxation is something that is highly encouraged. Avoid the Adderall and get some alone-time with your favorite TV shows. With Hulu you can watch from a vast collection of TV shows and movies all for free. Catch up on Glee, New Girl or Community and make some time for yourself for some laughs. If you want the latest episodes of hit TV shows then I would recommend Hulu Plus. You can read more about Hulu Plus and how to get it for free for 30 days here.



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